Pro Bono Activities

We recognise that life sciences expertise is in high demand and can be highly valuable to charities and non governmental organisations who would otherwise not be able to call on such experience. For charities, this expertise can provide insight to industry experience and regulatory requirements to improve design and effectiveness of development plans.

For non governmental organisations, understanding existing processes and potential improvements are possibly more relevant than input from expensive management consultants, while experience in change management can be essential in any process redesign.

We can co-ordinate provision of free resource to charities and NGOs to allow them to better achieve their aims in a spirit of partnership. 

If you are interested in receiving pro bono consulting or project input, or in providing free resource for a proportion of your time please email us at for a confidential discussion where we will aim to match expertise for any future requirements.

Please note that full disclosure of potential conflicts of interest and confirmation of indemnity and employer's permission will be required.

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